1995 Frankie Rodgers

Frankie Rodgers at the age of 16, knew he wanted to be a country style fiddler, yet there he was leading an elephant through itís tricks, catching a high diving trick dog and playing about 6 tunes per show with Alberta Slim and his one ring circus on a cross Canada tour. For the next couple of years Frankie played with dance bands around Edmonton which was a breeze after the circus life.  A cross Canada tour in 1954 with Edmonton singer Scotty Stevenson introduced Frankie to the recording side of music at RCA Victor Studios in Montreal. After this tour, Frankie and his guitar picking brother Hand, were hired to open for several Grand Ole Opry shows in Edmonton. Their talents were quickly recognized by the Opry stars who began leaving their bands in Nashville and hiring Frankie and his brother to back them, not only in Edmonton, but on many Western Canada tours. George Jones, Lefty Frizzel, Jim Reeves and Ray Price are a few of the many Opry stars that relied on Frankie and Hank as their back-up band.  During the 60ís the Rodgers brothers were busy and much in demand. There were three across Canada tours with Wilf Carter. They toured all over the USA with Rex Allen and a tour down under to Australia. Between tours, Frankie and Hank managed to fit in 10 seasons of TV shows on CFRN-TV. It was during this time that Comp Recording Company, later called MCA, signed Frankie to record 10 albums of fiddle tunes.  After some time off living in New Zealand and Australia, Frankie returned to Vancouver. He once again joined his brother Hank as part of the back-up band for Elmer Tippe. Frankie soon became very busy doing session work at many Vancouver studios, playing fiddle on radio and TV commercials as well as backing up singers like Elmer Tippe, Rocky Swanson and Jess Lee. In 1989 Frankie made a tour of Switzerland for the Canadian Government promoting tourism. This was a great success as the following year they had him playing his fiddle all over Germany on another tour.  Today when the name Frankie Rodgers is mentioned among musicians, the word legendary often accompanies his name.